Multiple lines

Values can span multiple lines using | or >. Spanning multiple lines using a | will include the newlines. Using a > will ignore newlines; it's used to make what would otherwise be a very long line easier to read and edit. In either case the indentation will be ignored. Examples are:

include_newlines: |
  \/ /| |\/| |
  / / | |  | |__

ignore_newlines: >
  this is really a
  single line of text
  despite appearances

Let's combine what we learned so far in an arbitrary YAML example.

This will give you a feel for the format:

# An employee record
name: Martin Devloper
job: Developer
skill: Elite
employed: True
  - Apple
  - Orange
  - Strawberry
  - Mango
  perl: Elite
  python: Elite
  pascal: Lame
education: |
  4 GCSEs
  3 A-Levels
  BSc in the Internet of Things

That's all you really need to know about YAML to start writing YAML.

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